Sustainable Oil & Gas - Emissions seminar

Thursday the 4th of October 2018

The emission of airborne particles like CO2, CH4, NOX etc. during production of oil and gas is under great public awareness.

The seminar explores the actions that the industry is currently taking to limit these emissions, along with the new technologies and efforts that are on their way. The seminar encourages brainstorming and discussion of potential solutions, that can support the ambition of reducing emissions from oil and gas production in the future.

The seminar is part of the Innovation Forum "sustainable Oil & Gas".



Simone La Fontaine
Project Manager
+45 21 47 02 82
Thursday the 4th of October 2018

Millioner til Danmarks nye innovationsnetværk for energiproduktion
20. september 2018- af Glenda Napier, CEO
Energy Innovation Cluster er Danmarks nye innovationsnetværk med fokus på land- og havenergi.
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